A Common Green Future — Or, maybe, no future at all

As the world watches with more care the damages of climate disaster we are facing, governments trace policies willing to avoid the danger of a “6th Mass Extinction”, as the environmental journalist Elizabeth Kolbert would say. In fact, as seen in the 2016 WWF Report: “LESSONS IN CLIMATE SMART POLICIES A Framework For Integrated Low Carbon Resilient Development”, some of those policies are tackling climate change directly, by taxating carbon, like in the UK, or creating a mass centralized plan of energy transition, as in China.

Still, the lack of cooperation and resilient conjunct work seems to be a problem in developing the future. Investors need incentives to believe in a green economy, a green energy driven economy or carbon taxative one. Governments that undermine each other plans to economic or power transition in order to attract part-time investors will, unavoidbly, undermine not only themselves, but the future as a whole.

By creating joint efforts of international colaboration, the creation of green jobs would become a necessity, not an exception, but a true global market base. ESG or Green Bonds would be as basic as profit and, of course, energy couldn’t be isolated in this; once countries that live from carbon energy, (importing or exporting it) such as Russia (where oil and gas are about 36% of federal budget revenues.), would have to find a way to a absolute economic transition. And they can’t do it, and won’t do it, alone.

The fact is, as much as we’d like to live in a world of absolute economic competitivity leading to individual growth, that world wouldn’t live much longer if we continue to use it that way. Governments can look forward alternatives, such as the german’s Energiewende, British Carbon Taxes or solar farms in rural areas to transition the agribusiness and reduce deforastation in places such as Brazil.

Climate policies integrated with energy can only be achieved with an economic conjunct effort — once transition demands profit and profit relies on a global market — we’ll only get there together.


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