Does the future rely on fossil fuels at all?

In a carbon-constrained world, I believe there ain’t no place for fossil fuels. In order to build a sustainable world we’ll have to gradually change our energy, power, agriculture and economy if we want to keep our global heat below 1,5°C.

I don’t think there’s any necessity to keep exploring fossil fuels in a longer term. Not only because of the environmental damage and absurd inequality it causes, but because the economic circle it draws, I believe, is delaying our ability to develop our society.

Clean energy has a greater potential of economic consistent development than oil, coal and even green gas together. The investment in scientific research could bring those changes in the energy sector sooner; investments, I think, that are delayed in order to sustain the actual fossil fuel-based system we live on.

Also, I do think that reforestation, allied with vertical green farming, could not only constrain our carbon emissions but reverse them in a longer term. Therefore, a future for fossil fuels not only can be avoided, but I think is inevitable.


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